Finally FIND and LIVE Your
to fix
the ALIGNMENT Problem in your personal and business affairs.

What people are saying about their 'Life Purpose session' experience:

– “I have no idea what my Calling is. I don’t know what I’m meant for. Not really, at least.”
Is this you?

Do you know what your Calling is?

Do you know your Life Purpose?

Do you know what you were born for?

OK. Well, would you like to know what your Purpose in life is?

The research, and the survey I did, show that even those 50% of entrepreneurs who are certain they know their Purpose, are only aware of a surface level of their Calling.

So you most probably don’t actually know the deepest-level of your Purpose.
That's why you are where you are in life.

Very few people TRULY know their CORE Purpose in life.

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are such people, and look where that knowledge took them in life...
Because of the single-minded focus that "knowing what you’re here for" makes effortlessly-possible for you, once you find it. And the exponential accumulation of long-term results that a Purpose-driven life inevitably produces for you.

If want to fix that – this is your chance.
If you want to massively improve your speed of progress – because you’ll finally know which is the RIGHT direction to focus all your energies in – feel free to book a 'Find Your Purpose in Life' session below.

This is THE highest-leverage service I offer.
100% customized to your unique purpose and the unique process required to unearth it. And it’s different for every person. It always produces an ultra-high ROI, regardless of how much a person pays for it.

It's a very exclusive, high-ticket service because, after 30 years of living half-aimlessly, it allows you to finally learn what you were born for exactly. Otherwise, you’ll probably never know for certain what you were actually meant to do with your life.

This hidden knowledge is the ONLY thing that can show you the RIGHT Path for you in life.
Only a deep understanding of what you’re here for can continuously direct you to True North.
This is why people say that discovering your Life's Purpose is an insanely valuable thing to know about your own existence.

(I can do a maximum of 1 ‘Life Purpose-Discovery’ session per day because they take too much out of me and my brain needs a lot of time to recover after each one.)

What's the worst thing about NOT being SURE what your Purpose in life is?

Even if you’ve had some success so far, after all these decades spent living haphazardly,
wouldn’t you like to know with 100% CERTAINTY what you should be focusing your Life on?

What your Life's Purpose is?

Is knowing what you were born for worth $10K to you?

How about $100K?

$1 million?

$20 million?

What’s the value of your Life, and whether you accomplish what you came here for?

Or whether you partly squander it on whatever random ideas and opportunities fly by you to distract you from finding and living your True Purpose in life?

Would that be worth $100 million?

You bet.

At least it is for me.

Well, it won't cost you anywhere near that.

My personal goal is two-fold:
1) To significantly improve the quality of your existence by making this THE most valuable conversation of your life. (I know it’s already great, so I’d like to help you UP that even more!)
And to further enhance your ability to leverage your high-value asset – your TIME – by assisting you in focusing your mind and delegated decisions in the most efficient possible manner. Thanks to a perfectly tuned-in, unquestionably clear direction in life.

2) To legitimately earn me the right to hold the honor of being the most highly-paid person you’ve ever consulted with.

What would be an equivalent exchange for you to discover exactly what you were born for? What your Life Purpose is? In just 1 sitting?
Saving you priceless time, countless frustrations, and a lot of wasted effort and money.

According to the Law of Equivalent Exchange (win-win), I charge in alignment with the 80/20 Principle: you get 80% of the immense value I produce for you FOR FREE, and you only pay for 20% of the value received.

YOU will choose how much that value is, at the end of your session, after I help you to find your Purpose in Life.

Actually, I'd like to be even more generous and make it a total no-brainer for you.
So let's make it only
6% for me. Which means you get to keep FOR FREE 94% of the enormous value I'll create for you. You'll pay nothing in exchange for the VAST majority of the value I'll generate for you. You'll only do an exchange (in dollars) for 6% of the new profound value you'll have in your life at the end of the session, which simply did not exist in your life a couple of hours ago (before you started your Life Purpose session).

How's that for a sweet deal?

Of course, if you don't discover your Life Purpose, you pay nothing.

However, if it does work, the absolute minimum investment amount (payment) is $4k to discover what your Calling is.

I'm adding-in this clause just for the people who may have insufficient access to credit, or may be in serious financial lack, and unable to pay for the real value of this deeply transformational elite coaching session (which in most cases is worth far above $10k in payment). And may be tempted to say the session was worth less than they actually know it will be over the next 30+ years, in significant course-correction thanks to the unique insights they just got access to.
When such people show up, who, regardless of currently being near the poverty line, are still fully committed to finding out exactly what they're on this planet for and what they're meant to be doing with in life (so they don't have to waste any additional years working on opportunities that aren't truly for them, but had no way of actually being certain of that, or of the alternative, until the deep realizations they had during their Life Purpose session with me), I wanted them too to have a chance to access this truly life-changing service, even if they may need to ask a friend to lend them some cash.

Limited time offer. The fee will probably go up as soon as even more word gets around of the ultra-high-ROI
this life-direction-altering exclusive service produces for entrepreneurs who are up to BIG things.

This amount may seem like ____________ (fill-in your own current pre-conceived notion), but
I personally believe at 100% that there is no better way (on the planet) to invest your money
than to ask me (by booking a session) to help you improve your life in this way. Faster and easier than in any other way I know of, as a whole.


Note: If you believe that
by the end of your days in this world
the ripple effects of the cumulative good you’ve done for people, animals, and future generations,
and the value of your life in general
will be worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars,
then the estimated amounts below should be true for you as well.

  • You’ll learn powerful new coaching questions and coaching techniques you’ve never seen before
    through direct observation and personally experiencing their effects on you:      
    Value: $10,000
  • You’ll discover and explore aspects of your deep subconscious that are
    crucially important for living your best-possible life FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.       
    Value: from $10 Million to Priceless
  • You’ll see an incredibly inspiring new future for yourself
    (there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve never seen this paramount personal Vision before).        
    Value: $500,000
  • Through another new technique, you’ll even partly-experience your never-before-seen amazing future palpably transform (from a beautiful new imagination) into a life MUCH more likely to become REAL for you. This is something you will otherwise NEVER experience, most probably.  
    Value: from $5 Million to Priceless
  • You’ll discover a new-found POWER in yourself,
    through direct personal experience,
    that you’ve most probably NEVER experienced before.   
    Value: from $10 Million to Priceless

    You’ll leave the session with a sense of profound mental clarity
    (on MANY topics) that you’ve never experienced your entire life.
    Clarity is POWER.
    Value: $40,000

  • How much is it worth to you to FINALLY have 
    a crystal-clear KNOWING of what you’re supposed to do with the rest of your life?
    Value: from $100 Million Dollars to Priceless.

  • Total Value Estimate (in my opinion – if you believe your life is priceless, of course):

Time required: ~2h.

2 hours, plus or minus 1 hour (on average), depending on how stubborn a person's subconscious is to having a real breakthrough in inner clarity.
I’m here to get you the RESULT you seek. Nothing less. And I will personally commit all of my resources, advanced skills, energy, focus, intelligence, and time required to get you to your goal. So I’m not getting off the call until we’ve accomplished the breakthrough you’ve been chasing your entire life. I’m 100% committed to you and to helping you achieve what YOU want MOST.
Plus, we can always re-schedule a part of the call if you have commitments you can't postpone. 


Risk is non-existent here. You only pay at the end of the session, if you're truly satisfied with the result you got from it. Otherwise, it’s free. Fair enough?
In my mind, it doesn't get more fair than that.
I think it's very clear that I'm willingly giving you "the better end of the stick". And not by a little bit, but by A LOT.
Hope you genuinely appreciate it!

At the highest levels of productivity,
(living an extraordinary life,
and building meaningful products
and truly impactful organizations),

everybody knows it's all about
having unwavering FOCUS and removing FRICTION.

That's where tremendous enjoyment of life

and billions of dollars are lost, due to:

  • inner and outer misalignment (missed opportunities, etc.)
  • saying Yes to the WRONG opportunities
    (because you aren't 100% certain of what the CORE objective of your existence is (you don't know your Life Purpose)

Inner chaos begets outer chaos. Which sinks morale, energy levels, happiness, optimism, and productivity – for everyone.)

Aligned desires (personal and collective inner energies) are what create harmonious lives, families, and teams.

This type of streamlining is the KEY power-booster for

'all of a sudden' doubling OUTPUT, IMPACT, and SUCCESS
across the board,
seemingly effortlessly.
When nothing else has changed. 

That's what I'd like to offer you: aligned values and focus.
Aligning your conscious mind and actions with
'the deep-down desires' of your TRUE self.

Other than health and love,

there's NOTHING more valuable in life than this. 

Is there? If there is, I can't think of it right now.

I call it "Find and LIVE Your PURPOSE in Life".

Finding your Calling in life – what you were born for – is the second type of service I offer.

If you are not 100% certain what you're here for exactly,
then this is the session for you.
I'll help you discover it in 1 session (~2 hours).

And if you don't need to find your deepest-level Purpose, but only need clarity as to why things aren't flowing right in your life or business –
things aren't progressing fast enough, problems keep arising out of nowhere, you keep getting internal resistance (invisible friction) –
no problem, I can definitely give you that clarity as well.

Book your session below.

This service is fully guaranteed.
You pay only if you're satisfied with the results of the session
(if I help you find your Purpose in life,
or the clarity you seek).

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